All equipment machines are built in Israel and are FDA approved.

Harmony Laser

  • laser 360IQ – The complete solution for aging skin
  • Supports Laser, AFT, NIR, and LED technologies
  • Over 75 FDA cleared indications
  • 12 Distinct technologies and ability to treat more that 75 FDA cleared medical and aesthetic conditions


BiPolar Technology

  • creates local, superficial dermal heating on delicate areas, such as the face, with real-time monitoring of the skin temperature.

Uni-Polar Technology

  • Uni-Polar delivers twice the surface area, with twice the available energy. Now available in an advanced focused RF mode.


  • Combining high energy Uni-Polar RF technology with a mechanical applicator, the Uniform module delivers deep dermal heating while increasing circulation in the subcutaneous tissue providing superior results for the temporary improvement in the appearance of cellulite.

MicroPlasma Peel with Pixel

  • Using proprietary micro plasma technology, Pixel RF is designed to provide skin resurfacing by both ablating and heating the skin. through a controlled, focused, delivery of energy, Pixel RF improves results with minimal risk and reduced downtime by targeting just the damaged area leaving surrounding healthy tissue intact.

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